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Recent research developments in the greater Boston area

I recently posted about three research developments at various Boston schools. They show the existence of brilliant researchers and research money at these schools.

The first story, “Mass Researchers Win ‘American Nobel Prize’ is a testament to the excellence at Mass. General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. One of the researchers said “we like to think of ourselves as the center of the universe as far as RNA biology.” This is a claim that reflects the great research and academic culture of the city. Boston was also referred to as a “global leader in scientific inquiry”.

The second story is most notable for the Personal Genome Project, which is attempting to find a way to decode human DNA at a reasonable cost with an increase in quality of service. This is a continuation of the worldwide, $3 billion Human Genome Project, which first decoded human DNA about five years ago. The ability of a Boston school to host such a significant project is important to the city. These are revolutionary genetics projects that are taking place in Boston academia.

The third story is about the MIT biological engineer’s breakthrough in mass-producing smell receptors in a lab setting. This is a major development in an area that had struggled to produce the receptors in recent years. The MIT engineers will “work with researchers worldwide” to advance the project and create practical uses for the smell receptors. The research funding came from organizations in Japan, Sweden, and the Netherlands. The pouring in of research funds shows that Boston is a major player in medical research and can attract money from global sources.

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